First Love..Dies


“First love never dies..”


How stereotypical for people to think this way. To think that a love so sweet and so young and at the same time, a love that will make you remember that everything was a mistake in the very first place — can last a lifetime.

I am in no position to judge people who think this way. I respect that. They may have been fallen in love so badly, still hoping after so many years that one day..that one day their paths will cross once more. Maybe hoping for another chance to continue where they left off. Some people already met the love of their life in their very first try. It is doubt. And that amazes me.

But if the love that you first had brought you in misery, if it changed you for the better or for the worst, just move on. Move on and move forward. You may still love him/her, but sticking to that person even though you know that he/she doesn’t bring out the best in you, is stupidity. So let your memories fade, open your heart to other people who appreciates you, give your heart and life another chance to be happy — to be truly happy — and you will eventually know that first love is different from TRUE LOVE. And if you finally wake up from your childish thoughts, you will realize that the phrase in the Bible, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast..” is purely true.

In the end, even if first love never dies, there will come a time, that it will die. Not because you want to, but because there will be a person in your life that will make you forget about your first love and will show you how much wonderful to live in the present with him than being stuck in the past..

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J’ai Cru Une Fois


“I once believed..”

I once believed in fairy tales;
That prince charming will come.
That happily ever after ending
Was the only thing I’ll ever need and want.

I once believed in love —
Pure, real, and sweet.
A love that’ll last and for keeps.
And I’ll always have that good night kiss.

I once believed in trust;
Wherein I’ll never doubt.
Someone will hold me hand in hand
And will pick me up when I am down.

I once believed in honesty,
Fidelity and loyalty.
Each day I’ll wake up happily
With no fear in my heart entirely.

I once believed in people.
I once believed their lies.
I once believed their words.
I once believed their masks.

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Winter Sleep..Spring Love


I gaze by my window;
The light is burning low.
I held my sweater weather
Fearing winter forever.

My heart is cold.
Tears a hundred fold.
Losing hope in love
Praying to God above.


Winter, when will you pass?
Winter, when will you last?
I anticipate every day for Spring.
I look forward to the joy it’ll bring.

Still trap in my winter sleep.
Promises that I try to keep.
Spring, will you here my plea?
Will someone out there wake me?

I’m tired of this coldness.
I’m tired of this loneliness.
Winter sleep..leave me.
Spring love..hold me.

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The Man I Lost Between Doubts and Regrets


It wasn’t easy being the only one holding on for what little hope you could see. Maybe it was me, maybe it was him..or maybe..maybe it was just fate trying to tell us to stop being together again. I regretted not fighting for him months ago when I should have been. I have been desperate — much more desperate than all of you could ever imagined. I lost the man between every shadow of doubts and regrets. That was why, I gave everything I have yesterday when I was able to see him. I clung unto little light that I could see in the dark impending result that I knew would befall me. I readied myself. I was ready to take the final blow of utter defeat. But I still clung to that hope that I that hope that I wished I saw then.

I tried. At least I tried.. At least I tried. I tried..and I lost. And I admitted defeat this time. But it was one of the best days I ever had in spite of the sorrow that I was feeling..because I was able to say the most important words that he had the right to hear before finally not being able to see him ever again. That is, I love him. Always have. Always will.

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Almost at Death


Suicide? I’d thought about it more than ten times already. More than enough that it made me think that I was living such a miserable life. I was sad and alone yet I didn’t have the ability to show it. I couldn’t speak of my distress because all I thought was to be strong all the time. But faking what I actually felt, it buried me on my deathbed. I didn’t realize that these emotions that I always kept intact were going to explode one day — like a time bomb. And my time..was almost up.


And this was how I started to die…

I died when I lost my ability to trust people. I died as a human being when I thought that I wanted to kill those that had caused me distress. Imagining how the knife would felt like when I slit their throats or the feeling of the gun in my hand as I shot them — would I feel any satisfaction? I wanted to turn into a killing machine. And i just wanted to be left alone. And I wanted to hurt and humiliate them..but I couldn’t. I could only stare back at them as they criticized me behind my back.

People often questioned why and how those murderers did it. Why they did it had an answer as clear as crystal. The answer..was reality. They faced reality with no armors. They let themselves wide open as darkness, frustration, and hopelessness approached them. How they did it was beyond explanation. If only someone had reached out a helping hand, perhaps the situation would not have gotten worse. But expectations were not as what we imagined. Expecting failed us many times.

I wanted to kill someone, but I just couldn’t do so easily. That’s why I decided to just kill myself. Wouldn’t the world be a better place? I’m a time bomb waiting to be diffused by someone who isn’t afraid to take the risk and die with me. If you are reading this, time’s running fast and I need you to save me from my destructive self.

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Lost Soul


The wind blew my uncalmed spirit. I kept on searching for something that i couldn’t foresee. I’ve been searching..and recollecting tiny bits of memories that i could gather. I was exhausted. Wait, i couldn’t be exhausted. Perhaps it was a feeling of drained spirit because of failure in seeking.

I.. I can’t remember. I don’t know where to start,” i whispered to myself.

I continued my search for the unknown until I stumbled upon an unoccupied manor. It seemed so old. Dusts filled the floor — an existence of years of loneliness. I decided to settle down here for a while. I peeked through the window, laying my eyes on the world outside of it. Those children playing across the street, the mother carrying her baby while gossiping with the neighborhood, the dog barking at the cat, the bird chirping, the sunlight. Why didn’t I notice those beautiful things when I was still outside?

I still kept on observing those things. I just couldn’t seem to stop looking at them.

It has been years since i found this place..and i am still a lost soul.
But now is different since i stepped unto this house. I am a lost soul that has found it’s home through the window of the old manor house.

Sweet Lolita


I am a plastic figure —
Small and whole.
All day I endure
Being played by a fool.

I am dressed with shiny things.
Every day I am dreaming
That my knight in armor will come
But days gone by till I am numb.

On the surface I smile
But tears flow like the River of Nile
Because I am being played by a fool.
To him, I am just a mere tool.

I am my masters’s one and only.
But truth revealed, I am one among his many.
I dreamed a dream but it never came.
In the end, I am the only one to blame.

The dolls that he played with,
He played them well.
And when he got tired of them,
He’ll just destroy them in hell.

A fragile doll that was destroyed
A toy that was being toyed.
So I left my closet with no regret.
This is a lesson learned I will never forget.

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