My body has almost gone cold. I shiver with the winter breeze. I stand up and light the fireplace. Admiring the flames that warm this tiny room, i look outside the window..

It is such a quiet evening.

Everything seems normal yet somehow different. Or maybe that was what i want to think. Lights of Christmas fill the dark night but this deafening silence hangs in the air. It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Pity.

Then snow falls.


The people who have been locking themselves inside their houses go outside to celebrate. Laughter all around the place, carolers start to head out in every house and sing endless Christmas carols with their hearts out.

In just a second, the silent town change into one I’ve never seen before. I open my window and reach out for the snow. A snowflake lands in my hand. I stare at it innocently and a smile unknowingly paint across my face.

It is definitely Christmas Eve.

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